Right for Council Bluffs
Colonel Al
Colonel Al
Right for Council Bluffs
There's a lot to learn about Al Ringgenberg- his background- his qualifications-
his stand on the issues. But the most important thing to know is that
he will ALWAYS listen to the people. He will ALWAYS tell the people the truth
and he will ALWAYS do his level best to put the interests of the people first.
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So, who is Colonel Al Ringgenberg?
He is a man of FAITH & Family.
Colonel Al is very active and involved in his
family life, his church and his community.
He is a man of LEADERSHIP & SERVICE.
He is a man of THE PEOPLE.
Colonel Al is dedicated to the people
of Council Bluffs and to building a
strong and thriving city.
A prosecutor and a judge, Al is a veteran with a
distinguished 21 year career in the US Air Force
Colonel Al Ringgenberg is RIGHT for COUNCIL BLUFFS!
RIGHT- Property Taxes Low & Property Rights Protected
RIGHT- Safe & Improved Streets
RIGHT- Job Creation.
RIGHT- Efficient, Effective Use of YOUR Tax Dollars
Col. Ringgenberg is a retired member of the USAF. The use of military rank or other military-
related reference does not imply endorsement by the Departments of the USAF or Defense